The Albuquerque Police Department contacted the UHA board recently to let us know that in response to reports of home burglaries and break-ins in Southeast Albuquerque, they will be conducting operations in the University Heights and other nearby neighborhoods to specifically target these crimes.

But in order for APD to be effective, they need your help. These burglaries have been occurring within a very short time frame - generally within 30 minutes to one hour of the homeowner leaving their residence. The thieves are predominantly going into people's back yards and gaining entry through the rear door or window.

APD needs you to help by calling 242-COPS (242-2677) if you see any suspicious activity in the neighborhood. It is important that you call as soon as you notice something suspicious, not wait until later, to give APD a better chance of responding in time.

Suspicious activity might include:

 * Seeing a neighbor leave, followed by someone unknown entering the back yard of the home while the neighbor is gone.
 * People looking in house windows or doors, or entering backyards of houses they do not live in.
 * People climbing fences into back yards they do not live in.
 * People who appear to be nervous or "on the lookout" and who are not normally in the neighborhood.

So if you see something out of the ordinary, call 242-COPS and let APD check it out. If you see something that is obviously a crime in progress, call 911.

APD responds as quickly as they can to all calls, and all reports of suspicious activity are logged. Patterns of reports in one area help police better target where they need to patrol, so even if your call doesn't result in an arrest, it is useful. Make the call.

For more information on the Albuquerque Police Department you can check out their website. The University Heights neighborhood is covered by officers working out of the Southeast Area Command.

If you have any more questions or information to share about crime or public safety issues in the University Heights neighborhood, you can contact the  University Heights Neighborhood Association by emailing us at Or via the contact form at the bottom of the page here: