From October 22nd at the Loma Linda Community Center, a second round of three public meetings took place for the Mid Region Council of Governments (MRCOGUNM/CNM/Sunport Transit Study. A presentation was given about the study area background, expected future growth and development, the main goal and objectives of the study, and why a north-south transit link is so important to this largest activity center in the region.

Study organizers have received much input from local residents and other stakeholders. Among these:

- People value safe and secure parking and travelling by bus, more frequent and late night transit service, a schedule that is predictable with timely connections, and short walks from transit stops.

- People would like to see more dining and shopping in the area(particularly south of Central), services that serve the community neighborhoods, and walkable developments.
If you missed the public meetings, there is still time to provide input until November 19th! Please click here to read more about the project including PDFs of the presentations on the project, or click on this link to go straight to the survey. Note that the name and address information at the start of the survey is optional, you only have to fill it in if you want to be added to the mailing list for the project. Otherwise you can just fill out the other survey questions.