October 8, 2010
The much anticipated Lead and Coal renovation will begin on October 25 on Coal and Oak and Coal and University.  A new website (www.leadandcoal.com) will provide regular updates and allow for comments, questions, concerns.
A Public Information Meeting with the contractor, city officials (including police, solid waste, transit, and others) will be on Wednesday, October 13 from 11 to 1 and 3 to 6, with a formal presentation at 6 at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Silver and Carlisle, SE.  Come to the meeting to get more information.
The project is scheduled to last 18 months and will totally renovate Lead and Coal from I-25 to Washington, based on the New Vision for Lead and Coal (see the links and resources).
If you have an immediate problem during the construction (power off, etc.), call Patti Watson at 245-3134.