University Heights residents are invited to come to the Safe City Meeting Wednesday February 17, 7 PM, at the Bank of America Building, Central at Washington, in the offices of Nob Hill Development Corp. Click here for a map.

The University Heights Association is one of the charter members of the Safe City project, and we want to know about your public safety concerns so we can work together to resolve them. The program is a partnership between the City of Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Police Department and the neighborhood associations and business along the Central Avenue corridor between San Mateo and I-25. At present the project area includes the Highland, Nob Hill, University Heights and Silver Hill neighborhoods.

Please make some time to attend this meeting and learn more about public safety efforts to reduce crime, improve relationships between police and residents and improve quality of life in your neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Subjects for this Wednesday, February 17th.
  • The special project in our area by APD to reduce property crimes
  • Pedestrian lighting on the blocks off Central
  • APD will soon being offering a "Connect" service for Block Watch Captains

Participants in Neighborhood Watch, particularly Block Captains, are encouraged to attend this meeting. APD will soon begin offering a "Connect" service for Block Captains within the Safe City Highland, Nob Hill, University Heights, and Silver Hill areas. APD will need community input about this program, since it is a test program. Block Watch Captains will be able to log into an internet site to look up and post information about crimes and suspicious activity in your area. They will act as the representative of their block. The police department will monitor this information and update it also.

For more information about the Safe City program, visit the Safe City website or contact Spencer Nelson, tel: 268-0208, email: