The UHA was featured in a recent story about vehicle break-ins on KOAT TV, so we wanted to provide some additional information. The UHA board takes crime issues in the neighborhood very seriously, and endeavors to work with APD as much as possible to ensure that police respond appropriately to any crime issues in the neighborhood, and keep the UHA a safe and pleasant place for all of us.

Representatives from the UHA Board and other neighborhood associations met with APD officers at a recent Safe City at the beginning of November, and discussed the increase in car break-ins and APD's response. APD is responding aggressively and has both increased uniformed patrols and undercover operations to target the thieves.

APD asked that if you are a victim of a crime such as this anywhere in the City, please always file a police report - even if the items stolen were minor or you do not believe police can be of assistance, these reports are collected by APD and used to target increased crime areas. APD discovered there were numerous break ins in the University area that were not reported, and without the reports APD does not know there is an increase in crime in an area.

APD recognizes that it is not always possible for people to wait for an APD officer to arrive to take reports, so they have a telephone reporting unit that you can call by phone. If you are the victim of a crime that does not require an immediate police response and need to file a report please call 242-COPS (242-2677) and they can give you the number of the telephone reporting unit at that time if you need it, or send an officer to take the report in person.

If you know of other crime issues that you believe the UHA Board should be aware of, please email