Occasionally film crews working in the neighborhood may mean intermittent traffic control (film staff directing or temporarily halting traffic) temporary street closures or detours. We hope you will bear with us and support the film industry which serves both as a source of income for New Mexico and our neighborhood, and as a showcase for Albuquerque.

One production that films in the UHA fairly regularly is the emmy award-winning AMC television drama Breaking Bad. If you watch the show regularly you will no doubt recognize many parts of Albuquerque, including the UHA neighborhood, as Breaking Bad is filmed entirely in Albuquerque.

With this in mind, now that the
Albuquerque Film Office is providing notice of productions working in the area we will do our best to update the UHA website with that information as it becomes available.

Breaking Bad (TV Series)

Filming Date:  December 9th, 2009
Film Location: 2210 Silver Ave SE
Filming Times: 7am-12am

There will be ITC (Intermittent Traffic Control) on Yale Blvd (northbound & southbound) from Gold Ave to Lead Ave and ITC on Silver Ave (eastbound) from Buena Vista Dr to Yale Blvd. 

There will be a street closure on Silver (eastbound & westbound) from Yale Blvd to Harvard Dr. There will be approximately 100 cast and crew at the location.

The crew parking and production vehicle parking will be located at Albuquerque Grand Hotel 2910 Yale Blvd SE. There are no explosions, special effects, or car chases.