On Monday, Sept. 12 at 11:02 a.m., the University of New Mexico (UNM) will test its emergency notification system including the sirens.  The sirens will sound for one minute followed by a short pause, then a one-minute all clear will sound. The sirens are intended to alert members of the UNM community in the event of an emergency, however the sirens are also audible in surrounding neighborhoods, including the University Heights.

The purpose of the sirens is to alert the campus community of an incident which may compromise the safety of people on campus.  These types of incidents could include severe weather, environmental hazards or threat from an armed individual.  

You can read a copy of the notice provided by the UNM Emergency Manager by clicking here.
UNM Students and Staff members are automatically enrolled in the LoboAlert system - an automated system which provides updates via text message (SMS) and email in the event a real emergency should occur. Community members such as University Heights neighborhood residents and other folks such as family of students and staff members have the option to sign up to receive similar alerts in the event of an emergency via the University of New Mexico Community Text site. You can read more information about these sites and UNM's emergency alert system at the links above.